Monday, July 26, 2010

Kids Week: Day 1 - Furnitures with Style

Drumroll please....

Happy Monday everyone!

This week has officially dedicated to all things kids & baby! From clothings, furnishings, decor, party inspiration and even crafting for kids!

So to kick off this week, let me present you with stylish furniture for kids:

1. Nest High Chair
How stylish is this 3 in 1 high chair! it can be use for a baby from 0  - 12 months, 12 - 36 months and even up till their 6 - 7 years old!
 Images source: 1. Mozzeedesign 2. PureGreenLiving

2. Ubabub Pod Cot & Junior Bed
Oh yes, I love the stylish and totally practical baby cot! not only you can use it as a crib, once your kids grow up and needing a bed, you can re-assembly it and make it as a junior bed! Total genius!

3. Giddy Up chair by Eero Aarnio
as previously blogged by me ;) LOVE this Giddy Up chair!

 4. Oiva Toikka Paradise Tree Coat Stand
This coat stand sure will bright up any room! Love the details!
5. Arne Quinze Minus+ Collection
Any kids would love to play around this colorful lounges and chair made from QM FOAMTM by Arne Quinze!

Gosh kids these days are just so spoilt with choices! ;)

Images courtesy of re link provided


Anyhoo, a little update from me: sorry bloggers, haven't launch the new web banner yet. I decided to postponed it until mid August due to the nature of the banner theme, and also because now it's still winter, I thought the current banner will be more appropriate :D Thanks for your patient! and hope you have a good Monday!

Oh yeah, one more thing, just for this week, I decided to move this week Find-day Monday til next week due to Kids Week! so watch out for double trouble Find-day Monday next week! ^___^ x

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