Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kids Week: Day 2 - Passion for Fashion

Clothes, Clothes and more Clothes!

Nowadays, you just can't seems to have enough clothes for your kids. There's always new fashion to follow, occasion that need new clothes, seasonal sweater, swimwear for summer, and the list just goes on. Or simply, your kids just simply grew out of it. In saying that, looking at my niece and nephews wardrobe, not surprisingly they have more clothes than I have in my wardrobe. What a bless little girls and boys!

First up is...

1. Château de sable
Château de sable means Sandcastle, the prefered activity of kids alongside French Riviera - Château de sable. Stephanie Lemaire bring a french flair style of kids clothing line with a touch of soft pastel colour, simplicity, practicality and down right adorable.

Heart the tennis series

2. Threadless for Kids
Okay, who doesn't know Threadless? Threadless compiles design and art graphic from talented artists around the world and make it into a t-shirt! More excitingly this t-shirts are available for kids! Here's some of the prints that I heart! (psst, it also available for adults!)

3. Maan kids
Are you a funky and stylish kids who just love bright colours? Then Maan design is just for you! Love the splash of bright colour combination!

4. Tea Pony
Fancy something vintage for your kids? Then Tea Pony is a shop for you!

Check out the vintage t-shirt, so adorable!

5. Havoc Denim
Can't go wrong with Havoc denim, premium denim for active kids! It's fit for every occasion and very durable for kids run around and play, stylishly for course!

6. Chic by Sha
Of course we can't wrap things up without the frills chic of petite skits from Chic by Sha!

Pair it up with a lace legging and flat ballet shoe and it's match made from Heaven.

Well, that's the last one from me bloggers! There are plenty more of kids fashion that I heart, but I can't really post it all in here, otherwise, it would be 100 clothing line that I heart for Kids weeks! :p I might just keep it as a reserve for next Kids Collections post *hint hint wink wink* ;D

Which one of the six that you love the most? or do you have other fashion line that you heart? Let me know and share the love ;)

Until tomorrow when I bring you another blog post for the Kids Week!
hint: blow up the balloons, bring up the paper plates and cups and Let's get the party started!

For more Australian and also global kids clothing stockist and designers check out Dashin Fashion Directory. Click here.

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