Monday, August 09, 2010

Find-day Monday: 09.08.10

Well, it's another Find-day Monday and it's all about ceramic decor!

1. Pear Bud Vase
Omigosh! I found the pear shape vase that I've been looking for! Remember the kikki-k 2010 catalogue that I blogged a while ago featuring this cute little pear shape vase on the desk, I finally found where to buy it! It's by Orson & Blake!

YAY! with $15 price tag, I think I might be getting it sooner than my next paycheck ;)
(It also available via

2. Porcelain Pestle and Mortar
Let's grind those spices in style. Super stylish addition to any stylish kitchen!
3. Palm Leaf Bowl
While we're on Orson & Blake homewares, I saw this pretty ceramic palm leaf bowl. It'll be so cute as a center piece, fruit bowl, or simply just as a decoration around the home.

Currently it's on sale @ greenhouseonline from AUD$29 to AUD$20.30 for the 18cm aka small size bowl! Bargain!

4. Feather dish and bowl
When I see these, it totally reminded me of a little gorgeous ceramic feather that my friend gave to me. with this big dish and bowl, it'll complete my collections!

 Hope you enjoy my finds bloggers! x


  1. Cool! So glad you find the piece you was looking for :) I also have some things I just can't find, might have to travel but they are so nice I just can't resist...

  2. Thanks Heidi! True, sometimes when you travel around you find things that you been always have eye on! but can't go wrong with searching in the world wide web! ;)


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