Monday, August 09, 2010

Knitting weekend

Happy Monday everyone!

How's everyone weekend?
Hope you all have a good weekend and for all Adelaide-ian, hope you all keep warm, as it was freezing over the weekend! (and it's still freezing this morning too)

My weekend was fill with knitting, crocheting and yarn balls! I went to my first ever knitting class over the weekend. It's surprisingly fun! It was hard and confusing at first, keep on missing a turn and keep on making holes along the rows. The hardest part is to keep a lose knit (hard to do when you're a tight knitter like me ;p) My tutor told us, to keep an open mind and keep in mind that knitting is relaxing, NOT tension building :p

Anyhoo, so here's my knitting so far
Oh yes, nothing much at the moment, I'll take more picture of it when it's finish, don't know what it'll be just yet, depending on my yarn ball (which not much) I think it'll be just a coaster thingy or perhaps become a teddy bear scarf ;p

Oh yeah, I also when to a yarn ball shopping frenzy (since Spotlight having yarns clearance over the weekend), so tadaaaa

Yes, there's still so much more that I want to buy, but I think I just have to hold my cravings of yarn balls until next time ;) Hope you all have a good Monday so far!

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