Monday, October 18, 2010

Orange Cake and a little bit of ...

Good Morning Bloggers!

How's everyone's weekend been? My weekend felt more like winter weekend. It's so cold over the weekend! I have to cracked up our heater yet again ( booo ... T__T ) Where have the warm spring weather gone too?!

Anyhoo, so what else have I been up to over the weekend? Well, on Saturday I went to spotlight to hunt down some bargain ( because it's having massive 3 days sale! ). I ended up with some grey fabric for my work skirt ( bargain from $20 a meter to only $2 a meter! woot woot! ) and some sewing essentials ( threads, zipper, etc etc ). On Sunday, I attempted on making my first ever Orange Cake! It turned up pretty yummy.

and I think Spencer agreed as well, as he took the first bite of it :p
So here it is, to cap off my weekend ... An Orange cake and a little bit of Spencer ;)

Have a good Monday everyone! :)


  1. That orange cake looks seriously yummy!

  2. oh that looks delish, can i have a piece????? hehehe
    and i'm with you, it was very cold and had extra blankets and heater on....have a great week nattie lisa xox


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x nattie

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